The Challenge

Improving reported metrics for faster action

Quality and timeliness of information on business performance is crucial to success. Suncorp Group needed to improve the strategic reporting of their eCommerce team to the rest of the business. Basic reporting preoccupied eCommerce resources, heavily impacting insight creation and speed of insight delivery. Furthermore, as online data included Shadow Shoppers or ‘shopping bots’, it was not trusted by the business and therefore was not considered in higher level planning by Suncorp Group.

After investigation, JBA proposed a combined approach of making systematic updates to the capture of data within Adobe Analytics as well as introducing a strategic reporting framework (SRF); understanding that getting the right information to the right person within Suncorp Group would alleviate many of these issues at their source.

Our challenge was to increase the quality of eCommerce performance reporting by using agreed and uniform definitions of success spanning across demand and conversion channels; better utilising the rich data that already existed within the group to plan, identify and share knowledge and insights in a timely fashion.

The Solution

Evolving Adobe Analytics source data to power structured reporting

JBA was required to revitalise eCommerce channel reporting with all digital touch point data while providing a consistent and timely view.

The level of trust was heavily diminished by the level of ‘shopping bot’ activity, which skewed traffic and behaviour numbers and therefore rendered the online performance numbers useless to the remainder of the business. Our solution therefore had to include methods which would automatically adjust the data to remove the ‘shopping bot’ activity.

To filter out ‘noise’ and create a single source for digital and offline activity within analytics, JBA provided recommendations to bring Adobe Analytics in line with current best practices; removing shadow shoppers “at source”, integrating offline order statuses and cancellations back into analytics, partitioning renewal traffic as a segment and pushing media agency data into Adobe Analytics, including cost data.

The key to the SRF’s value for Suncorp was in bringing the relevant, consistent and accurate metrics to the right stakeholders within the eCommerce business to drive insight and decisive action in market, as well as supporting broader strategic planning.

A strategic reporting framework was created for the entire portfolio where Adobe Analytics became the single source of truth for digital and offline activity. The SRF delivered customised dashboards and reporting to the relevant stakeholders within the team.

As stakeholder data familiarity and consumption was critical, dashboards and data visualisations in Tableau became a key delivery mechanism for key senior stakeholders with specific needs.

The Outcome

Decreasing noise and increasing trust in key metrics

The detail in the portfolio data and its relationship to cross brand performance is powerful, but the really exciting part is that we can now trust our online data and have found opportunities in our funnel that previously were not visible to us.

The structured reporting framework JBA delivered for Suncorp Group solved a serious trust issue with eCommerce information within the business. By providing Suncorp Group with a new and trusted view of customer behaviour and sales performance JBA ensured that insights quickly surfaced, transforming the organisations ability to act decisively in the market.

The SRF removed the need for Suncorp Group to spend valuable time normalising reports and re-focusing the business on insight creation and the optimisation of media budgets.

Not only did JBA’s SRF methodology address the efficiencies within the business it created a new data asset which was now understood and trusted by the business and therefore could be used to inform higher level planning for the first time.

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