The Challenge

Driving signups and retention with targeted communication

With the goal of driving new memberships and renewals, 12WBT engaged JBA to assist them in developing a better comprehension of the barriers to entry for potential members. JBA’s analysis showed seasonality, user experience and mindset were all impacting customer acquisition and retention for 12WBT.

JBA were tasked with providing strategic and operational recommendations for the email channel and the member communications for 12WBT. As a result, JBA recommended a contact strategy which focused on:

  • Improving communications production efficiency, directly relating to the manageability of the email channel
  • Improving content quality and relevancy
  • Preparing a path for future contact channel relevancy

The strategy focused on the evolution of 12WBT’s email channel and how response and return are improved through the automation of emails; and the consideration of how email contact is shaped around engagement at both an email and site level.

JBA are a true business partner, we have worked together to build our capabilities and to understand our customer.

Sue Klose, COO at 12WBT

The Solution

Optimising email contact and member retention

JBA and 12WBT worked collaboratively to define a contact framework that did not stretch 12WBT’s resources but which supported their goal to lift sales volumes.

Understanding that purchase commitment in their target audience was extremely healthy and that most new member sales are captured in the last 3 weeks of a program, the contact strategy:

  • Segmented acquisition and member communications
  • Presented segmented communications to at risk members before attrition occurred.
  • Re-structured pre-season contact with those in the current round to remove over contact
  • Informed optimisation by utilising survey contact and behavioural reporting

JBA have uncovered valuable insight that has shaped how we acquire, support and retain our customers.

Sue Klose, COO at 12WBT

The Outcome

Increased sales and member engagement

12WBT and JBA used deep knowledge of member behaviour gleaned from 12WBT’s data to create a clear distinction between the awareness generation window and the conversion window within the contact strategy. It was understood that the conversion rate was consistently high, but that interest volume built slowly over time.

The contact strategy reduced the attrition rate by communicating to ‘at risk’ members at the appropriate time in the sales cycle. Higher re-contracting with 12WBT by existing members was driven by an increase in engagement rate as a result. By addressing conversion anxieties in the sales cycle, 12WBT saw an increase in sales, which was further bolstered by optimisation of the checkout flow also increasing sales conversions.

JBA are committed and focused on our long term success.

Sue Klose, COO at 12WBT

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