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Paid media channel data is critical to the development of an in-depth understanding of the cost of acquiring customers and the purchase behaviour of specific customer segments.

JBA has extensive experience working with clients and their media partners to establish both consistent reporting and data management processes.

The objective being to establish a clear view on what is being reported and to ensure this data is built into a larger framework where it can inform both short-term and long-term planning and optimisations strategies.

In an online environment, the ability to collect credible data, create audience insights, and develop subsequent strategies is essential to maintaining competitive advantage.

It is not unusual for businesses to have important data missing from their analytics solution; for there to be little data integrity in the solution; or for the business to be unable to efficiently extract insights from the data that is collected by their analytics solution.

Appropriate data integrity ensures that decision-making and strategy formulation is based on a realistic view. Data integrity is also crucial to build trust across a business – accepting the analytics solution as sufficiently robust to be the ‘single source of truth’.

While the quality of data is crucial for analytics success and measurable return, the ability for businesses to effectively use their data and extract useful, timely insights is also essential. Having the correct analytic foundation allows businesses to set up visualisations of customer pathways and success events – benefitting initiatives such as marketing and planning.

Our combined analytics and marketing expertise allows us to efficiently partner our clients in long-term evaluation and planning tasks.

JBA provides clients with the ability to use an independent source to efficiently close the gap between their in-market activity and the insights required to inform planning and optimisation.

This service is favoured by our clients as it puts their resources back in control of the prioritisation and direction of critical initiatives required to achieve business, brand and customer goals.


At JBA, we have developed our own methodologies which make best use of Adobe Analytics. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Adobe platform and work consultatively with our client partners to understand their business.

We ensure that our clients implement best practice analytics tracking so their KPIs can be easily monitored and audience insights developed. Best practice implementation of the Adobe platform informs the creation of specific segments, dashboards, analyses and reports within analytics for each relevant business unit, product or channel. JBA make sure the right people have access to the right data.

JBA’s approach to analytics solution design and implementation is heavily influenced by our unique understanding of reporting governance and data maturity growth. We shape analytics solutions with a view to the present and the future and with business capabilities and needs in mind.

In marketing terms, data equity is largely based on the creation of a quality single customer view. In order to establish detailed customer behavioural segments and action various multi-touch communication options, a single customer view must first be put in place.

Connecting the various data sources within and surrounding a business is not an insignificant task, however a pragmatic approach will yield rapid results.

We work with our clients and client partners to establish and evolve the single customer view. Our practical experience across industries and different business scales means we can establish the appropriate customer view in alignment with the overall data maturity path for your organisation.

Part of our formal quarterly review framework includes the development of insights and direction derived from various attribution perspectives.

JBA’s assessment of media channels and user journeys in terms of sales conversion and funnel behaviour is critical to determining the relative importance of tactical initiatives.

This analysis informs key strategies for UX, Communications and Media streams.

As needed, or upon request, JBA conduct deep dive analysis to uncover or refine customer segments and determine how they are best used. Our analysis provides our client and client partners with new direction on how to acquire and retain the most desirable customers.

When in-depth behaviour data does not exist en masse, predictive intelligence plays a large role in building out experiences for customers.

To shape eCommerce merchandising, content personalisation and lifecycle communications JBA create models from historical and current data to determine how we may best identify and manage the experiences of customers even where little or no held data is present.


The JBA Recovery product was created to help address the various types of customer anxieties which can impact user experience and ultimately influence a customer’s perception of the brand and their likelihood to either purchase or remain a customer.

A Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) expert, JBA directly observe the customer’s mindset as they struggle with complex decision making or navigate their way through unfamiliar territory using online customer tools.

Well timed and well informed support contact can be critical to a customer’s short-term and long-term decision making. Immediate decisions can be influenced and long term relationships can better shape the brand – customer relationship.

JBA believes the brand that provides the best pre-sale and lifecycle support wins ongoing confidence and loyalty from their customers.

JBA’s approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is about delivering on business objectives by focussing solely on the customer.

Through continual improvement to the sales/user experience, our CRO model is based on customer mindset and requirements at each point in a transactional journey. Points in a transactional journey are optimised in isolation and as an entire experience to ensure both short-term and longer-term optimisation advantages are addressed.

JBA believes that data driven experience personalisation and committed iterative testing are critical to successful business, brand and customer outcomes.

The customer is at the centre of our communications model and is surrounded by a data driven framework. Ad-hoc or scheduled campaigns are driven from the same model as it is imperative that all email contact be informed by a single set of needs and segments.

Personalisation and testing streams add complexity to existing processes and workflows. If not fully considered these programs will not return desired business, brand and consumer outcomes due to conflicts and resource challenges. JBA’s approach to personalisation and testing considers both needs and capabilities in the definition of appropriate present and future solutions for our clients.